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Бугільний витяг Яремче - Фото 1

Бугільний витяг Яремче

► 3 км. від центру міста.  ► Схил для початківців.
► Прокат лиж та санок.  ► Катання на снігоході.
Під'їзд автомобілем від базару в сторону вольєрного господарства.
тел. (098) 576-16-28   Чекаємо на Вас !
Бугільний витяг Яремче - Фото 2

Hatynka u Rumuna

Hatynka u RumunaWelcome for the rest during New Year holidays.
X-DRIVE center of ski service.

X-DRIVE (rental, shop)

center of ski service
+38 0343436410;
+380 677785878
The farmstead Stara hata

Farmstead "Stara hata"

Farmstead is located in picturesque place near the river.
Hotel complex

Hotel complex "OSONNYA Carpathians"

«Osonnya» - place of unity with nature, where it's always sunny.




Huge village; the «capital» of 32 areas. Kosmach is adopted from an of the same name word, that means «the man with long hairs», or the last name which in antiquity, up to the middle of the XVII century was widespread all over Ukraine. Final version it is not found in relation to the origin of the name of village.

Kosmach is remembered in the writing sources of 1412.

Tags:  kosmach, pysankarstvo, master-сlass, in kosmach, ethnoevolution, festival, the capital of UPA

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There are 2 Listings in this Category.

The farmstead "Medvezhyy"

The farmstead  "Medvezhyy" Ivano-Frankivsk oblast., Kosiv district, Kosmach village, Medvegyj area. Prices: from 35 uah/pp - spring and autumn periods; from 40 uah/pp – summer period; from 50 uah/pp - winter period. Exsist a flexible discount system.

The farmstead of Berbenychuk family

The farmstead of Berbenychuk family Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, Kosiv district, Kosmach village, 38 Patriarh Volodymyr str. The owners offer to stay in 1 storey brick house. Prices: from 35 uah/pp – spring period. Exist a flaxible discount system.

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