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Бугільний витяг Яремче - Фото 1

Бугільний витяг Яремче

► 3 км. від центру міста.  ► Схил для початківців.
► Прокат лиж та санок.  ► Катання на снігоході.
Під'їзд автомобілем від базару в сторону вольєрного господарства.
тел. (098) 576-16-28   Чекаємо на Вас !
Бугільний витяг Яремче - Фото 2

Hatynka u Rumuna

Hatynka u RumunaWelcome for the rest during New Year holidays.
X-DRIVE center of ski service.

X-DRIVE (rental, shop)

center of ski service
+38 0343436410;
+380 677785878
The farmstead Stara hata

Farmstead "Stara hata"

Farmstead is located in picturesque place near the river.
Hotel complex

Hotel complex "OSONNYA Carpathians"

«Osonnya» - place of unity with nature, where it's always sunny.
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 The cottage Near Goverla The cottage "Near Goverla"
 tel. +380674208481, Vorokhta township, Goverlyanska str.
Prices: from 150 uah/room
More detailed...
 The guest-house RAYTSHTOKY The guest-house "RAYTSHTOKY"
 tel. +380677943010, Vorokhta township, 38 Khmelnytskyy str.
Prices: from 200-300 uah/room
More detailed...
 The guest-house White farmstead The guest-house "White farmstead"
 tel. +380991169303, Vorochta township, 1-А Khmelnytskyy str.
Prices: from 35 uah/person
More detailed...
 The farmstead Old Elms The farmstead "Old Elms"
 tel. +380678034668, Vorokhta township, 31B, Grushevskyy str.
Prices: from 140 Uah/person
More detailed...
 The guest-house Pid kashtanom The guest-house "Pid kashtanom"
 tel. +380673421791, Vorokhta township, 31, Galytskyy str.
Prices: from 150-350 uah/room
More detailed...
 The guest-house Hatky na penjkah The guest-house "Hatky na penjkah"
 tel. +380673428308, Vorokhta township, 5 Grushevskyy str.
Prices: from 50 uah/person
More detailed...
 The cottage of Sljusarchuk family The cottage of Sljusarchuk family
 tel. +380671756318, Vorokhta township, 39 A, Vysochan str.
Prices: from 50-60 uah/person
More detailed...
 The farmstead Argelusha The farmstead "Argelusha"
 tel. +380977753671, Vorokhta township, 3 Goverlyanska str.
Prices: from 40 uah/person
More detailed...
 The guest-house Charm The guest-house "Charm"
 tel. +380979096533, Vorokhta township, 15 Grushevskyj str.
Prices: from 80 Uah/room
More detailed...
 The cottage Skyta The cottage "Skyta"
 tel. +380976609642, Vorokhta township, 16 Zavodska str.
Prices: from 80 uah/person
More detailed...
 Mathiychuk's guest-house Mathiychuk's guest-house
 tel. +380979680423, Vorokhta township, 53a, Dovbush str.
Prices: from 50 Uah/person
More detailed...
 The farmstead 12 months The farmstead "12 months"
 tel. +380971488350, Vorokhta township, D. Galytskyy str.
Prices: from 200 Uah/room
More detailed...
 The farmstead Viktan The farmstead "Viktan"
 tel. +380988061343, Vorokhta township, 20, Zavodska str.
Prices: from 100 Uah/person
More detailed...
 The farmstead Topirets The farmstead "Topirets"
 tel. +380679491505, Vorokhta township, 40, Vysochan str.
Prices: from 60 uah/person
More detailed...
 The farmstead Lisogor The farmstead "Lisogor"
 tel. +380971871402, Vorokhta township, D. Galytskyy str.
Price: from 100 uah/room
More detailed...
 The farmstead Knyazhdvir The farmstead "Knyazhdvir"
 tel. +380679087055, Vorokhta township, 5, Dovbush str.
Prices: as agreed with owners
More detailed...
 The farmstead Na gorbochku The farmstead "Na gorbochku"
 tel. +380976840914, Vorokhta township, 15 B, Dovbush str.
Prices: from 60 Uah/person
More detailed...
 The farmstead Beregynya The farmstead "Beregynya"
 tel. +380971795633, Vorokhta township, D. Galytskyy str.
Prices: from 60 Uah/person
More detailed...
 The farmstead Urochysche Lug The farmstead "Urochysche Lug"
 тел. +380672656334, Vorokhta township, third kilometer.
Prices: from 45 Uah/person
More detailed...

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To get know, how to reach to Vorokhta - revise the map of motorways, which is below (click on an image for it's increase):


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