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Бугільний витяг Яремче - Фото 1

Бугільний витяг Яремче

► 3 км. від центру міста.  ► Схил для початківців.
► Прокат лиж та санок.  ► Катання на снігоході.
Під'їзд автомобілем від базару в сторону вольєрного господарства.
тел. (098) 576-16-28   Чекаємо на Вас !
Бугільний витяг Яремче - Фото 2

Hatynka u Rumuna

Hatynka u RumunaWelcome for the rest during New Year holidays.
X-DRIVE center of ski service.

X-DRIVE (rental, shop)

center of ski service
+38 0343436410;
+380 677785878
The farmstead Stara hata

Farmstead "Stara hata"

Farmstead is located in picturesque place near the river.
Hotel complex

Hotel complex "OSONNYA Carpathians"

«Osonnya» - place of unity with nature, where it's always sunny.
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Our services
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The web-site mandrivka.net - it's a collection of suggestions of rest in "green" farmsteads, hotels, complexes of rest, cottages of  Carpathians region, and also services of their booking over the internet.

Our managers will be glad to help you to choose the place of rest, which will maximally suit to your wishes.

Advantages of  booking with the help of the web-site mandrivka.net:
-economy of your time
- professional advice of skilled manager
- a special program "Hospitable Carpathians" - places of rest which take part in this special program give you a discount on dwelling if you book your rest on the site mandrivka.net

So, come to the site mandrivka.net, use on-line reserving, get discounts, rest in Carpathians and collect the unforgettable impressions about remarkable rest!

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    In our view, the most popular and effective system of advertising is actually a lease of the proper place on a site and payment depending on time of stay of publicity blogu on a site!  you will be able to choose the places of location, format and time of stay of Your advertising, on a site. Unique condition - advertising must not violate a structure and design of site...


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