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Бугільний витяг Яремче - Фото 1

Бугільний витяг Яремче

► 3 км. від центру міста.  ► Схил для початківців.
► Прокат лиж та санок.  ► Катання на снігоході.
Під'їзд автомобілем від базару в сторону вольєрного господарства.
тел. (098) 576-16-28   Чекаємо на Вас !
Бугільний витяг Яремче - Фото 2

Hatynka u Rumuna

Hatynka u RumunaWelcome for the rest during New Year holidays.
X-DRIVE center of ski service.

X-DRIVE (rental, shop)

center of ski service
+38 0343436410;
+380 677785878
The farmstead Stara hata

Farmstead "Stara hata"

Farmstead is located in picturesque place near the river.
Hotel complex

Hotel complex "OSONNYA Carpathians"

«Osonnya» - place of unity with nature, where it's always sunny.


Verkhovyna district

The territory of Verkhovyna district was populated later in all from all regions of the Ivano-Frankivsk area. Principal reason of it is heavy alpine terms for dwelling. Archaeological sights serve as side confirmation also. On territory of district there is only one of them - the burial mound grave-digger of indefinite belonging in Verkhniy Yaseniv. He is placed in field in a natural boundary Mogylky. It is not eliminated, that life glimmered here and in other archaeological epoches, although it is necessary to notice that specific of settlements of district - original enough, isolated, a farm was not instrumental in fixing of writing sights. The chronicle of settling of district can be traced and after the first mentions about a settlement.


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